Gamutek Multijet Printer

Affordable Printhead. Upgradeable Machine.

The Practical Choice.

Competitive Advantages

Affordable Printhead

Our printer is compatible with at least 4 types of printer head including the affordable DX8 and DX9 Printheads.

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Future Ready.

Our printer models are designed to accommodate different kinds of printer control systems. This makes it possible to upgrade to future printing technologies.

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Affordable Circuit Board System

The Gamutek Multijet Printer has one of the most affordable circuit board system in the industry. Our price is just a fraction of the price of Japanese brands.

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High Quality Print-Outs

Our printers use Japanese technology printheads which are capable of printing up to 2880 dpi resolution.

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Easy to Use and Repair

Our printers are engineered to make it easy to operate and repair.

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Printer Models

Form Factors

Election Season Promo

Free Semi-Automatic Eyelet Machine

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Gamutek Tarpaulin Printer has been in the business of selling tarpaulin printing machines in the Philippines for more than 10 years. In 2009, it became the first brand to introduce a China made printer that uses the DX5 printhead, called the Gamutek Thunderjet. It is one of the most stable printers in the market and several of these printers are still being used today. Currently, it is focused on selling the Gamutek Multijet Printer, marketed as the most practical large format printer.



  • 2 A. de Guzman Street, Marikina, Metro Manila, Philippines

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